Intermediate Intellectual Warm – Up

About the program

It’s a set of problems which cover the following areas:

  • Opening lead
  • Pairs tournament problems.
  • Defence
  • Dummy play
  • Table presence
  • Judgment
  • Be clever

Who is it for?

It is aimed at players who have significant experience in playing tournaments. If you are advanced on your way, this is for you.

What does it contain?

It’s divided into two parts:

  1. Descriptive part consist of stories and problems which are not limited merely to finding a single-trick solution. Program participants must plan here sequences of actions which will allow them to win a contract, they will have to identify the right motifs and come up with solutions.
  2. Testing part are collections of problems to solve where participants will have to choose one of the options listed. Each option has an ascribed value from 0% to 100%, obviously according to our assessment. When a problem has been solved, the program will inform a participant about the percentage score for this particular problem, their average for all the problems dealt with so far and their position in the ranking.

The ranking

The ranking is a summary of scores of all the program entrants who have solved the problems a participant has dealt with so far and reflects their performance.


At the end of the intellectual warm-up, participants who have completed all the sessions may receive, if they wish, a special Martens University certificate which will indicate their percentage result and their place in the ranking.





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