Complete Master’s Program

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1. Camouflage, Waiting Bid (free sample)
2. The Martens System (free sample)
3. The World of Transfers (free sample)
4. Hand Evaluation. Bidding Decisions (free sample)
5. Extra Length Transfer Bids (free sample)
6. Professional Slam Bidding Part I (free sample)
7. Professional Slam Bidding Part II (free sample)

Declarer Play

1. Practical Aspect of Declarer Play (free sample)
2. Virtual European Championship Part 1 (free sample)
3. Virtual European Championship Part 2 (free sample)
4. Imagination, Bridge Stories (free sample)

Defensive Play

1. Calf (free sample)
2. Opening Lead (free sample)
3. Owl, Fox and Spider (free sample)
4. Tiger and Fly (free sample)
5. Guide Dog Part 1 (free sample)
6. Guide Dog Part 2 (free sample)
7. The Working Horse (free sample)


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